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amazing products

Below I have selected the best products from all around the world to support you in your journey towards optimal health.


blue blockers

Blue blockers

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‘Block Blue Light’ glasses are developed with superior lens technology – the lenses are infused with proprietary light filtering pigments that are produced in an optical lab to ensure superior clarity and blue blocking properties

blue blockers

Blue blockers

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‘BLUblox’ night lenses use high quality therapeutic die which produces a rich red lens that when worn 2 – 3 hours before bed helps induce sleep through allowing the production of melatonin to promote a relaxed and restful sleep.  Lenses also available in clear and yellow.

blue blockers

Blue light filter program

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Iris filters the blue light from your computer screen.
It syncs the blue light on your screen in rhythm with the sun.
By controlling the brightness without PWM, Iris helps with eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches caused by PWM flicker.


Infrared keyboard low EMF

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Distance from EMFs is your greatest ally.  If you experience any discomfort when using a regular keyboard (such as RSI), this could provide the relief you need.


Anti-radiation headset adaptor

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Turn any headset into an anti-radiation headset.
This is a great alternative to air-tubes if you already have headphones that you love.  This device works by absorbing mobile phone radiation.
Excellent sound quality.

Air Tube headset

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These anti-radiation headphones block 99% of harmful microwave radiation from entering your brain.
Compatible with any device with a standard 3.5mm jack.
Excellent sound quality and comfort.


ENV RD-10 Tri-Mode EMF meter

The most user-friendly and practical meter on the market.  Measures RF (wifi, cell phone towers etc) and electric and magnetic fields.  Includes Windows / Android connectivity for data logging.  Small enough to fit in your pocket to scan your electromagnetic exposure anywhere. 

Shielding Canopy

Shielding canopy SAFECAVE Budget.  Effective shielding against wireless tech such as mobile phone towers, including 5G.  Once grounded, the canopy also protects against electric fields generated by domestic electricity.


EMF baby blanket

This adorable baby blanket shields 99.9% of HF radiation.  It is 40″ x 32″ (~102 x 81cm) and machine washable.  Pair it with the baby beanie for increased protection.