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  •  Home and business visits to assess your EMF exposure.
  • Special ‘sleep well’ packages for anyone suffering sleep loss.
  • Coaching to business professionals, athletes and families on navigating EMFs to exceed health, performance and happiness goals.
  • Speaking engagements at schools, sporting groups and health events in French or English.

home assessment -what do I look for?

Your home should feel safe; it should be as free as possible from anything that can cause harm to you and your family. As much as you don’t allow cigarette smoking in your home, the same importance should be given to reducing non-native EMFs in your home. Our children play here, we eat our meals with our families here, we sleep here, and this is where we spend most of our life. Reducing EMFs in the bedroom is especially important. We are bioelectrical beings, during the night your body can not reenergise if it is constantly communicating with the EMFs around you. You may be surprised at how little sometimes needs to be done to eliminate the EMFs from the bedroom. Sometimes more drastic changes need to be made, but you will be so grateful that you made these changes. Especially if you are sick or if you have young children or elderly relatives in your house, these are the most vulnerable groups. But also for you, you need a full restorative night’s sleep to be the healthiest, happiest version of you.

A home assessment can take from 1 – 3 hours; I will test your exposure to high frequency radiation, low frequency radiation, dirty electricity and blue light.  I will propose solutions and provide a report of the assessment.   

Let me delve into a few more details about what the home assessment involves for each of the EMFs:

High Frequency Radiation (HF)

Also called ‘radio frequency’, ‘microwaves’ and ‘wireless radiation’.
Measuring Equipment: Geovital HF Field Probe.

Measures up to 2.65Ghz or up to 8 GHz. Measures the body and not the air. Shows readings in microvolts from 0 – 9999µV.
Sources include: mobile phone towers, mobile phones, Wifi, computers, tablets, Bluetooth, anything ‘smart’, microwaves.
Acceptable Building Biology Exposure – Below 30 µV in sleeping areas.
I use my professional Geovital meter to test all areas of the house for high frequency radiation. We will see the difference in the results with Wifi on and off and also we may find some hidden sources of HF radiation. The most important area where we want to see a low reading (below 30 µV) is in the bedroom. If the reading is higher than we’d like, we will try to eliminate any sources inside the home or look at shielding options if the source is outside the home.

Low Frequency Radiation – Magnetic Fields (MF)

Measuring Equipment: Trifield TF2 Meter.

I use this meter to measure magnetic fields as it is a very reliable gauss meter. This meter is 3 axis and measures in miligauss from 0.1 – 100mG.
Sources include: Outside transformers and electrical lines, inside appliances.
Acceptable Building Biology Exposure – Below 0.3mG
I use this meter to test all parts of the house including the outdoor areas. If a MF is present outside, I will see how the meter reacts moving into the house away from the source of the MF. If a house has a high MF reading, we’ll see what the reading is once the home electrical power is switched off. If the reading remains the same then source is most likely from outside and possible outside the resident’s control. If the reading is lower or zero with the power supply switched off, then we will investigate the source of the MF. Only once we know the source can we come up with possible solutions.

Low Frequency Radiation – Electric Fields (EF)

Measuring Equipment: Geovital EM Field Probe.

This meter is excellent because it measures the body voltage created by electric fields.  This meter measures in volts per meter 0 – 9999V/m

Sources include: Electrical equipment, electrical wiring.

Acceptable Building Biology Exposure- below 30 v/M

I will test your body’s EF exposure by asking you to sit, stand or lay in the areas where you spend most of the time.  Often this will be at a desk, in the kitchen or lying in bed.  Sometimes computers or laptops generate a large EF which can be reduced or eliminated with grounding equipment.  In most homes, there is a large EF in the bedroom where we sleep.  This is the most important area to mitigate as we need to sleep in an EMF free area in order for our bodies to regenerate.  Reducing the EF can be very simple or may require some intervention such as demand switches or shielding. We will look at the most effective option for your individual circumstances.


Measuring Equipment: Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter.

This meter is known and used worldwide to detect the average magnitude of the voltage surge.

The surge is from high frequency voltage transients that ‘dirty’ the power line.

The exposure is measured in Graham-Stetzer units (GS).

Sources include: solar panels, ‘smart’ meters, modern lighting, transistor boxes, and some electrical equipment.

Acceptable Building Biology Exposure: Below 50GS

To measure your exposure to DE, I will plug the meter into various wall outlets. If the reading is above 50GS then we can discuss strategies to lower this number. This can be eliminating the source of the DE or if this is not possible, there are various filters available.


Sources include: artificial lighting, computer screens, telephones, TV.

By checking your light environment and proposing solutions to reduce the artificial blue light in your life you can reclaim your health.  You will be amazed how some simple changes can improve your sleep and increase your energy levels.  As part of the blue light assessment I can also talk to you about the importance of natural light including morning sunshine.


Please contact me for to arrange a free 20 minute consultation where we can discuss your requirements and budget.

My fee includes a comprehensive report of my findings and recommendations.


Employees are your most valuable asset and whilst most employees are willing to go above and beyond to do an outstanding job, in return they expect their employers to be proactive in protecting their health and well-being.

I do not just want to reduce employee sick days, I want to help you and your employees achieve optimal health.

By analysing the EMFs and blue light hazards in your office environment you can have a clear picture about what you can do to create a healthy workplace where employees can thrive.

Changes can be very simple such as relocating a desk or adding some new lighting.  Simple changes can change your life, I am a health educator and I will talk to you about lifestyle changes that can help you fight or avoid chronic disease.  

Please contact me to receive a comprehensive corporate wellness proposal with various plans suitable for all different types of companies or individuals. 


If I am not visiting your area soon, I can consult with you over skype.  This is especially helpful if you have purchased a meter and you need help deciphering your readings and deciding on mitigation strategies.  Through skype I can also provide information on improving your health by improving your environment.



I love sharing all there is to know about EMFs, I am available for speaking engagements in French or English.

This is a great idea for sports clubs, schools, private groups, community groups, wellness events or interested citizens.

Learn about what EMFs are, where they are found and why they are the biggest health risk in our modern world.

I can focus my talk to accommodate the audience, for example sports clubs may be interested in how to improve their performance by mitigating their EMF exposure, blue light protection and cold therapy. For wellness events I speak about the importance of the sun for good health and my own improved health by watching the sunrise, grounding and wearing blue blocking glasses of a night.

Feel free to contact me to find out more.


  •  Home and business visits to assess your EMF exposure.
  • Special 'sleep well' packages for anyone suffering sleep loss.
  • Coaching to business professionals, athletes and families on navigating EMFs to exceed health, performance and happiness goals.
  • Speaking engagements at schools, sporting groups and health events in French or English.
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