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Hi, I’m Danielle and I am a safe tech specialist.

Technology is essential for businesses to stay at the cutting edge, it provides exciting and endless opportunities. 

I teach companies and families how to enjoy the latest technology without compromising their health.  Technology is moving at such an unprecedented fast pace that we must take precautions.

With ‘The EMF Coach’ you not only learn to use technology safely but you learn how to optimise your heatlh.

I specialise in educating, informing and providing solutions to working and living safely amongst electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

EMFs are found everywhere, they can be natural or artificial.  Natural EMFs include sunlight and the earth’s frequencies.  Artificial EMFs include frequencies from wifi, mobile phone towers, mobile phones, blue tooth, electricity and blue light.

Studies have linked EMFs with neurodegenerative diseases, infertility, mental illness, cancer, tinnitus, miscarriage any many other serious illnesses.

Instead of fighting against technology, let’s reap all the benefits technology has to offer at the same time as optimising our health by implementing simple and effective protective strategies.